Linda Rodin

It’s not often you hear a 66-year-old style doyenne complain of having been over-enthusiastically retouched in photo shoots; neither is hearing a New Yorker happily admit they skipped partying at Studio 54 in lieu of stimulation of the intellectual kind, over dinner with Susan Sontag. Welcome to the rarefied world of Linda Rodin, the silver-haired former stylist and founder of the eponymous skincare line, captured in a short film by Albert Moya.

She may have styled everyone from Madonna to Gisele, edited Harper’s Bazaar, and founded the New York institution Linda Hopp, but her most treasured memories are working with a rather different icon. “My most wonderful moment was meeting and working with Bob Dylan, a real hero of mine,” says Rodin



Production team

  • Agency: Alldayeveryday
  • Client: Nowness
  • Director: Albert Moya
  • Production: Andrew Runkle, Tom de Jong
  • Host: Linda Rodin