AYNIL | performances

During the summer of 2020, All You Need is Love was tasked to bring the needed love to the Netherlands. Trough heavy lockdown restrictions, we were asked to produce and direct a series of concerts. These emotional songs were performed in the empty music-arena’s of the Netherlands: Ziggo Dome, Ahoy Rotterdam & Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Artists covering a wide range of genre’s performed there relevant songs: 

Ronnie Flex – Omarm me 
Danny Vera – Rollercoaster
Jeangu Macrooy – Grow 
Jeroen van den Boom 

These performances were watched by millions of viewers at home and of course social media. 


  • 3 episodes
  • 4 performances 
  • +/- 4.5 million views on TV
  • +/- 2 million views on social media 
  • High engagement