Onontdekt Europa 

How about a city trip to one of the smaller, lesser known cities in Europe? That means easy travel via smaller airports, affordable hotel rooms and above all a city where there is still something to discover! 


We were responsible for concepting, scripting, photography, directing and the production of this two yearlong series. We went to 16 cities all around Europe and 1 trip to New York City. Expending our already well established international expertise to more countries. 


Production team

  • Agency: EndemolShine
  • Director: Tom de Jong
  • Production: Tom de Jong
  • Client: DPG / KLM
  • Editorial: Ellis Clay
  • Camera: Max Meertens / Stefan Jansen
  • Edit: Reverze Films
  • Photo: Lyanne v Bodegom
  • Host s1: Krista Arriens
  • Host s2: Sarah Chronis