The creative industries offer the greatest opportunity to mobilise positive action for the planet!

For us and for our clients it is an unspeakably exciting opportunity to make environmentally sustainable video productions. It is no longer about doing ‘less bad’, this is about creating the conditions for on-going succes!


We use a certified platform to calculate the production carbon footprint. Using data our producers already have at their finger tips, the calculator allows productions to quickly understand their environmental impact. This is applicable for all kinds of productions, from digital & TV to photo productions. Simply provide some basic information about our production office, studio, means of travel, accommodation locations, materials used disposal and post-production, and the rest is, well… maths.

Our productions follow a strict protocol in order to produce as sustainable as possible. Simple acts like, providing vegetarian or vegan food only and asking the crew to carpool help a lot! There are many more ways to produce more sustainable. Want to know how? Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you!


We are proud to have an official partnership with Trees For All. Via their platform we can guarantee that our productions are carried out CO2-neutrally and therefore do not make a negative contribution to the health of our climate. 


The agroforestry project in Bolivia 

To find out more how Trees For All is compensating our CO2. Please take a look at the program we are currently supporting in Bolivia.  More information


Last year we compensated 3-times our rest output. Find our certificat here download.